Baby Sling Benefits

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Published: 11th July 2012
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Baby Slings are recently coming into popularity in North America because the many benefits are being realized. Babywearing is the term used when a baby is attached to the parent or caregiver with the use of fabric or another product that will keep the baby securely attached. This has been a tradition in many African countries for many decades because it allows the mother to move and work while also having the baby close by and safe. This trend is continuously growing because of the benefits that it provides for both parent and child. I say parent because babywearing can be for both mom and dad.

After a baby has grown for nine months in the mother's womb they enter the world and it takes a great deal of time for them to adjust to being in the real world. All they knew was the comfort and warmth of being in the mother's tummy and they want the same thing in the real world. Any baby wants to be comfortable and feel the warmth and love of their parents. Babywearing is a great solution to this because it allows the parent to hold a newborn all the way up to a young toddler on their body and provide this comfort and warmth. As a parent moves around with their child in a baby sling the child feels enormous comfort knowing that they are warm and close to someone that they love and trust.

Wearing a baby sling allows a child to be attached to someone and with that person at all times. Not only does the child feel safe but it allows the parent to feel safety as well knowing that their child is completely protected and next to them. Safety of your child is a huge concern and will be for the rest of their life. Protecting them by carrying them in a baby sling is one of the best things you can do for your child at such a young age.

While a baby stroller or carrying around a car seat can often be clumsy and awkward and flat out hard to maneuver within tight spaces a baby sling is just the opposite. Because the baby is attached to you movability is significantly increased because of the easy of moving around freely. Being restricted because of tight isles or a busy crowd is not possibly with a baby sling because it feels and allows movability just as if you were walking without a baby. They are completely comfortable and will allow you to move around freely without the extra load of a car seat or baby stroller.

Many people believe that a baby sling is only good for one position. This is completely not true with most baby sling carrier because they can be worn in many different positions depending on how your baby likes to be held. Babywearing allows you to carrying a newborn in a reclined position and even allows breastfeeding. In addition the baby can be worn in a kangaroo position or a belly-to-belly position. As the child grows you can wear them on your hip or even on your back. Most baby slings allow for hand free positioning allowing the parent to do other things or take care of another child while wearing the baby.

Baby slings are amazing and offer many great benefits for both the baby and the parents. They provide comfort and safety for the child while at the same time offering movability and different positions for the parent to feel comfortable. Babywearing has long been used in other countries because of the benefits it offers. Parents who choose babywearing over the typical strollers and car seat carriers are offering their children a better option.

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